Junior Chefs at My Sweet Cupcake

August 15, 2017

Today we had a fun opportunity to teach a cooking class to junior chefs at the bakery. These kids were a pleasure to have in the shop. They were so attentive and polite. What a joy to have them learn and eat all the yummies on the agenda. We started with some healthy dips. Humus and my Simple Guacamole Recipes. I know the Simple Guacamole recipe has appeared a few times here on the blog. So I’ll just post the humus for you. Next we made a healthy crispy Churro. These are not deep fried pastry sticks. They are tortilla brushed with Olive Oil and sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar. Then we made a batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Decorated Cupcakes, and a final sweet treat of a Banana Split Parfait with homemade whip cream. All this in 3 hrs. Whew!

Simple Humus


One 15oz can of organic garbanzo beans cz they are lower in sodium, one fresh lemon, garlic salt, extra virgin olive oil, tahini (optional)


mini food processor, minispatula/spoon, colander, bowl


To be continued later….

Vegetarian Bean, Spinach, and Cheese Quesadilla

August 11, 2015

Here is the recipe from our third nom.com video.

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                    Chopped frozen spinach (that has defrosted), fresh cilantro, flour tortillas, lime, shredded cheese, refried beans, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for greasing the pan), Garnishes of your choice

Hardware:                                                                                                                                                                                        A stove top/ induction, spatula, cutting board, small pan, plate, spoon, pan, knife, can opener (if you are using canned beans), a gallon size plastic bag(if you are going to freeze the quesadillas)

Instructions:                                                                                                                                                                              1.  Wash your hands.

 2.  Place a tortilla on your cutting board.

 3.  If you are using canned refried beans, open the can using a can opener. heat them up in a small sauce pan

 4.  Take a spoonful or two of your beans and spread it all on half of the tortilla. The beans will act like glue and hold the quesadilla together.

 5.   Put your spinach in the palm of your hand and squeeze over a bowl. Doing this will drain out the excess water from the spinach.

 6.   Take a small amount of spinach and evenly distribute it on the same side that you spread the beans.

 7.    Using about a handful of cheese, sprinkle it all over the side where you put the beans and the spinach. The cheese will also act as glue and hold the quesadilla together.

8.   Either fold the other half of the tortilla on the half with all the fillings.

9.   With adult supervision, heat up your stove to medium with a pan big enough to fit your quesadilla in it.

10.  If you want your quesadillas to be extra crispy, put a little bit of olive oil on the pan before you put down the quesadilla. If not, skip that part and just put the quesadilla on the pan.

11.  Once the quesadillas cool down, you can squeeze some lime on them and put any garnishes of your choice. Some suggestions are: tomatoes, cilantro, guacamole, plain Greek yogurt (as a substitute to Sour cream), and salsa

12.  ENJOY!!!

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                                        Sonia Chang



Free Healthy Lunchbox Makeover Demo @ Glendale Whole Foods Market

August 8, 2015

Please use this eventbrite link to RSVP. Feel free to pass it on and invite friends. Hope to see you then.

Nice work. Your event, Lunchbox Markover, is up and running and ready for action. Go ahead and check it out.

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The Lunch Box Makeover 2015

August 3, 2015

Come to our exciting live cooking demo at Whole Foods market in Glendale and Me and Granola Girl Jr. We will be teaching healthy lunch box ideas for when you don’t want to take a traditional sandwich. The class is free and open to all kids and adults who want to learn about healthy lunch ideas. Please register with Whole Foods Market so we know how many chairs to set up. You will get to try a free sample of what we are making. It’s on August 16, 2015 at 10:30am-12:00am.

Check Out Our Live Cooking Demo Video

August 3, 2015

Ever wish you could be at one of my live cooking classes? Well now you can! My daughter and I do live web shows teaching you recipes similar to those on this blog. You can find the videos at:




In these videos we take you through the process of cooking the food as well as teaching you knife skills and cooking techniques. We’ll warn you when a certain part needs to be done by an adult, but most of it can be done with kids. If you missed when the show aired live, you can always watch it at a later date because it will stay on our page. Also, during the live video, you can interact with us and ask us questions by commenting. Make sure to follow us @chef_sonia to be notified when we are doing a live show.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                                     Chef Sonia

A Holiday Gift Giving Easy Solution

November 11, 2014

Free Granola and other goodies at Byblos Meditteranean Bakery on Thurs. Nov 13. 3-7 pm.

This year let Chef Sonia’s take the stress out of Holiday Gift Giving. Need a gift for the friend, relative, boss, coworker, teacher, coach, secretary, carpool driver, crossing guard, scout leader, neighbor, mailman, anyone who likes to eat (haha). No seriously, our fabulous granola gift boxes make one unique and tasty gift. This VIP Sneak Peek is for our loyal granola fans to come taste all the yumminess for yourself. Pre order all your gifts and get free gifts for yourself.  I’ll have Byblos pizza for you to try too. While your here you can order a pizza “to go” using the Thurs nite to go special pricing. Yeah even better.
If you can’t make it, we can still ship out gift boxes for you via UPS (you will get 10% off shipping). Simply go to my website and place your order. I have a few new fun things for the gift box which will be unveiled at the sneak peek. And some lucky winner will get to take some home.

Halloween Spooks & Spiders Beware

October 29, 2014

Halloween spirit & sounds visited our home early this season. In August my sweet musician decided to fulfill his dream of creating a creepy eire completely original Halloween album. This proves that God has a sense of humor to put me, Ms unicorns & rainbows with Mr. Jack-O-Lantern. Well, I tried to be as encouraging & supportive as I could. And of course created a few cute Halloween edible ideas to nibble on while the music plays. So if your feeling inspired to create a Spooktacular Ghostly Good Meal, feel free to follow along.

Such a festive meal as this requires playing with your food. May I recommend the Spooky meal ideas from my Hastings Ranch  whole foods class. Or if you want to mix it up a bit, the pumpkin pancakes recipe  (under seasonal recipes) with nutella to draw the jack o lantern face would be fun too.

To be continued

Kiddie Cup Drawer Clutter

September 3, 2014

As moms we all have those lidded kiddie cups that come with a drink at restaurants. They are handy for accident prone kids, and some adults (like me). The cups are small enough for little hands and fit nicely in cup holders. The problem is when you get home, they fill up your drawer/cupboard and since the cups sizes vary from maker to maker, the lids are all different sizes too. I have found that by poking a chopstick thru the straw hole, you can keep them somewhat stacked and prevent them from floating around in your drawers. The cups usually stack ok. But finding the right lid in a hurry was a problem. Hopefully this will help you too. 

What I like to reuse the cups for….

That cup of water by the bed, freezing extra smoothies in and taking them with me on an errand. Put it in the cup holder and by the time, i come back to the car, it is defrosted nicely. Makes for a nice pick me up for me or the kids after school. I used them at a girlscout meeting so that the lids were insurance that we wouldn’t have a spill in the auditorium. If you bring different designed ones then the girls can remember what cup is theirs by the design. (or use masking tape and sharpie)

Press a Panini lately?

April 20, 2014

A panini is a great addition to every menu. What is a panini? If you like crunchy crust, melted cheese and want it quickly and portable, a panini could fit that order. the first time I discovered a panini was at a rest stop in Italy. My sister, brother and I were on a pajama tour of Europe, 9 countries in 12 days. (i know, such craziness!) The tour bus stopped at the fanciest rest stop. No vending machines w mediocre snacks and bad coffee here. The Italians have it right,  traveling is hard enough let’s have cafe style food and hot coffee  at rest stops. Travel is part of the journey so let’s enjoy it. The panini we had there was ham & cheese. You could easy replicate this at home. A panini is also a great way to use up any left over hamburger buns, hotdog buns, ciabatta rolls, ect. A panini can make fridge leftovers look like they got an upgrade. Go ahead and be creative. They also freeze well. Squish them but don’t brown them very much, then when you want to use them let them defrost in the fridge and toast them in our toaster oven or fry pan til they are golden brown. That should be enough heat to remelt the cheese and soften the bread too.

Hardware- cutting board, butter knife, plate, panini press or if you don’t have one, no worries, you can use a frying pan/cast iron skillet and flatest plate you have or a crockpot (just for the weight of the stone), aluminum foil, chef knife, pancake flipper

Software- your favorite melting cheese, your favorite sandwich deli meat, soft spreadable butter or a spritzer bottle of “I can’t believe it’s not butter”, Bonus Flavor Burst- pesto or sundried tomato spread or olive tapenade or garlic artichoke spread. (pick one so as not to muddle the flavors)


spread your bread with the Bonus Flavor Burst of your choice.

Add the meat on top of that, then the cheese

top your sandwich with bread.

If you have a panini press, then follow the manufacturer’s directions. If you don’t, then do what I do…

Turn your stove to med low heat. Place your fry pan/cast iron skillet on the heat.

if your using a softened butter, you can plop  a small piece on the fry pan.

once the butter has melted, carefully lay your sandwich on the butter, top it with the foil piece and place the crock on top. The weight of the crock will compress your sandwich. Be careful to watch since you might have to keep a hand on top so that the crock doesn’t slide off.

Once you feel that it isn’t compressing any more, using a pancake flipper, turn the sandwich over and cover it with foil and place the crock on top again to finish the compressing process.

Once you feel that the sanwich is golden brown on both sides of the bread, place it on the cutting board and cut it in half on an angle.

Next comes the hard part, waiting for it to cool down. Many of mouths have been burnt by the hot melted cheese in a panini. Have some grapes, pear, or apple slices and you have the best roadtrip pitstop sandwich ever.

My favorites are…

turkey, provalone, pesto/leftover meatloaf, motzerella, sundried tomato spread/canadian bacon, pepperjack cheese/ leftover rotisserie chicken, garlic artichoke spread and brie

ps. feel free to post some of your favorite combos. I’d love to hear them.



Crockpot Barley and Lentils

February 23, 2014

I made this for my family and my daughter liked it so much that she told me to put it on the blog. So here it is. The best part is that you load it up in the morning and the crockpot does all the work. I love that. Lentils are high in fiber and a vegetarian source of protein. You can use it as a main or as a tasty side dish. It freezes well so you make once and eat twice. It is important to use as little sodium in this recipe as possible because salt will make the skins of the lentils toughen up. (as it will with beans too).

Software-1 bag of lentils, 2 C of pearl barley, diced sweet onion, chopped celery, chopped carrots, sliced mushrooms, diced green/red pepper, 1 bay leaf, red wine vinegar (optional), 1-14 oz can of italian stewed tomatoes, 1 box of extremely low sodium chicken stock, teaspoon of minced garlic

Hardware-cutting board, knife, colander, bowl, crockpot, ladle,


Wash lentils and barley carefully to make sure there aren’t any pebbles. Now it is just a matter of layering ingredients in the crock pot. Put them in as the base layer, Add celery, add onions, add mushrooms, add, diced peppers, add bay leaf, minced garlic, tomatoes, chicken stock. Let it go on low for 4-5 hrs. You should stir from time to time. Towards the end of the cooking time, add Garlic Salt and give it a final stir. Ladle it up. I like to splash a little red wine vinegar on top of each bowlful but that is optional. Enjoy.

ps. This is a beautiful base under a nice piece of halibut, salmon, sea bass or seared scallops