Hello world!

Welcome to my cooking with kids blog. I have never blogged before so this is an ongoing experiment. In fact I am rather tech challenged. to put it mildly. I still can’t figure out how to video myself so you can watch my recipes happen. So for those of you interested, you’ll still have to sign up for my classes or catch my live demos at various events. I decided to start this blog because some of my students’ parents asked me if I had a website or blog. To which I said no and that I didn’t even know what a blog was. It took the movie Julie and Julia, which BTW is a great film for a foodie like me, to see what a blog was. Once I found out that it was free. I was all over it.

I started this blog because I hope that people will be empowered/motivated to cook with their kids or for kids to cook for themselves (depending on the age of the kids). I teach a kids cooking class at the local community center. The age of my students are 3 years old and up. The preschool kids cook with an adult, the elementary age kids cook on their own, and I have a cooking for college class geared towards tweens and teenagers. Along with teaching at the community center, I have taught cooking at my kids’ schools, boy scout meetings, girl scout meetings, a birthday party, and Whole Foods Market. I have a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and have taught in public schools for 9 years. I have always used cooking to teach academics, cultural awareness, social skills, and manners in the classroom. I am not a formally trained chef. I am a teacher who loves to teach and loves cooking. If you are able to take anything away from my blog that helps you then I am glad.


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Amanda Katches Says:

    Hi Sonia!!!!!!! Awe I love this! Its so fun and clever!!!! I am really looking forward to next saturday!! I hope Toby’s Pumpkin fund raiser went well! Wish we could have made it! Thank you so very much for the yummy lunch on Thursday! I LOVED that chip dip!!! Yum yum!!! You are so sweet! It is always a blessing to come to your home:) Take care, see you soon!

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