Is the Egg Fresh?

Other than the date stamped on the end of a carton, is there a way to check those eggs that have been sitting in you fridge? Yes, there is. Get a clear tall drinking glass or tupperware and put the egg in question in it. Then fill it with water. What happened? Is your egg sitting on the bottom of the glass with the bottom and top of the egg parallel to the table? Congrats you have a very fresh egg. As the egg gets older, air will pass through the shell. So the narrow top of the egg will start to point towards the opening of the glass. If the bottom of the egg is still touching the bottom of the glass, I would still use it. In fact this egg is easier to peel once it is hard boiled, due to the air in it, than a very fresh one. If your egg is floating, it has too much air in it. And like a floating goldfish, it is a goner. This actually makes for an interesting science experiment. Have the students make a hypothesis as to how long it would take for fresh eggs to go bad. Another variation would be to have students hypothesis how to prolong fresh eggs’ shelf life? meaning prevent air from penetrating the shell.

Eggs are something that every college bound, living on your own, cooking for yourself student should keep in the fridge. In my cooking for college class, I teach several dishes that utilize the versatile egg. Eggs are a great cheap source of protein, filling, easy to cook, and play well with other ingredients. I will post some of these recipes for you to try.


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