Lunchbox Makeover

With kids back in school there are many feeling that a parent goes through. I finally get time to get things done while they are in school. Then on the other hand there is all the homework, school projects, and driving around that I have to do. And of course the never ending task of food on the go. My kids prefer not to take a sandwich for lunch. What I tend to do is make more for dinner and let them take the leftovers for lunch. I work hard and I like it when my recipe can do double duty. I will be sharing some of these ideas at the Whole Foods Market in Glendale. It is a free event with free samples. If you are around Glendale, do stop by. Here are a few that my kids like for lunch that you can try.

Teriyaki Meatballs with rice and veggies

Hardware- steamer, pot that the steamer will fit in, sauce pot, cutting board, knife, wooden spoon,

Software- Teriyaki meatballs (homemade or store bought. I like the Aidelle ones from Costco) Teriyaki sauce (I like Soy Vay) , baby carrots and broccoli crowns, canned pineapple chunks, toasted sesame seeds

The nice thing about the Aidelle meatballs is that they are fully cooked so you are just warming them through.


rinse off the carrots and broccoli crowns. I cut the broccoli between the joints and in half more so they become 2 bite size. Steam them until they become the softness your kids like. Then shock them in an ice bath. For more specific directions on what I mean by that, please look at “how to steam veggies” in the cooking for college category.

In a sauce pan place the carrots, meatballs, pineapples and juice, teriyaki sauce and water in equal amounts and simmer on med. until the carrots are soft. By keeping the carrots at the bottom of the pan they will cook faster. Once the carrots are soft, then stir the mixture to coat all the meatballs with the sauce. Top with toasted sesame seeds.

How to pack it for school/work

Take your leftover rice out of the fridge. Put it into a microwave safe bowl and top it with some meatballs and veggies. (don’t forget to put some of the sauce on the rice). Cover it with a wet paper towel. Microwave it for 1 min. -2 mins. (depending on your microwave) After it is heated up, transfer it to a stainless steel container. I put a small piece of paper towel on the rim to prevent a vacuum seal from forming. Wrap the container in a dish towel before putting it in the lunchbox and it should keep it warm. Pack a drink, spoon, hand wipe and you’re lunch will be the envy of all.

Please look at the post title My Demo at Whole Foods in Glendale for more lunch box makeover ideas.


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