Veggie Out at the YMCA

Hummus Veggie Pita Pockets by Sonia Chung at Crescent Canada YMCA

Hummus is a great alternative to mayonnaise. You still have the creamy spreadable texture w/out all the fat. You also get the added fiber and protein as an added bonus.

Hardware- cutting board, spoon for spreading out the hummus, plate to have all your veggies on, sharp knife

Software-Wheat pita, hummus (I use the spinach artichoke one), chopped carrots, shredded Persian cucumbers, julienned red bell peppers (optional), shredded bib lettuce/baby spinach, turkey deli meat


  • Lay a pita on your cutting board
  • Cut the pita in half so you have 2 semi-circles.
  • Spread hummus on the side of your pita pocket. The hummus will serve as glue for the carrots to stick to.
  • Lay your turkey slice on the inside of the pita pocket
  • Sprinkle the carrots on the hummus
  • Sprinkle the lettuce on the carrots
  • Tuck in the slices of cucumbers
  • Tuck in the bell peppers if you are using them

You can substitute other veggies in this roll. I have substituted low fat cream cheese for the hummus and julienned pears or apples for the bell pepper.

Perfect tie in for the book Katie No Pockets

Banana in a Blanket

This is a healthy alternative to pigs in a blanket. The kids can assemble this at a playdate/slumber party. I make this for my kids often. They can eat it as a breakfast on the go or as an after school snack on the way to dr appts or lessons. I make it with peanut butter but for the YMCA event we used honey since there are so many peanut/nut allergies out there. The banana and honey add sweetness, the spread adds protein, and the wheat tortilla adds fiber to keep your blood sugar steady so you won’t run out of steam.

Hardware- cutting board, knife, butter knife, plate or paper towel

Software- wheat tortilla, banana, honey and/or peanut butter/cashew butter/almond butter/sunflower seed butter,


lay your tortilla flat on the cutting board. If it is larger than the banana, you may want to cut the tortilla down to the size of the banana.

Spread a thin layer of any of the spreads.

Drizzle a thin amount of honey all over

Place the banana on top of the spread towards the bottom edge of your tortilla.

Pull the bottom of the tortilla around the banana and continue to roll up the banana in the tortilla as you would roll up a sleeping bag.

Wrap it in a paper towel and you are ready to take you power snack anywhere.

I read the book Curious George for this snack.

Butterfly carrots

This is another snack that is great for kids to make on their own. It is perfect as a playdate activity and snack.  You can use regular cream cheese or any other flavor you like.

Software- baby carrots, small tub of low fat cream cheese, raisins, small twist pretzels

Hardware- butter knife, small plates


  • Place a baby carrot on your plate.
  • Using a piping bag or a knife spread on a layer of cream cheese.
  • Stick 2 pretzels into the cream cheese so they are at an angle. These are the wings.
  • Push on 2 raisins for eyes in the cream cheese towards the top of the carrot.
  • Enjoy your lovely little butterfly.

I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Charlie the Caterpillar as the tie in books for this snack.

I hope you have enjoyed the demo and feel confident about trying these recipes. To see more recipes check out my kids cooking blog

I will be teaching a free cooking class on April 20th and May 18th at the Montrose Public Library.

I can be reached via email at

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I am also available to teach at boy scout, girl scout meetings and at birthday parties.


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