Video to Watch

My kids are in AYSO soccer teams. Yes, that makes me a soccer mom with a minivan. Scary but true. Atleast my soccer snacks rock. The AYSO newsletter had a very nice concise video about learning a thing or two about a healthy eating lifestyle from your kids. I thought it was well organized and I agree with 95%. I think that the first point is true to a degree. What she doesn’t take into consideration is the billions of dollars that junk food and fast food companies spend on marketing to our kids and the peer pressure they get at school and parties. This last week my son asked me… Did you know there is a think called a Twinkie? My teacher gave me one. Apparently it was eaten by one of the characters in their literature book. My kids have not had a Twinkie, Ding Dong, Little Debbie, or any of the other snack cakes that are deceivingly in the bread aisle. There is a reason why the movie Wally has a Twinkie in it. Next time you are in the store pick up a box and read the nutritional label and list of ingredients. It is scary what they are allowed to push on kids. I have taught my son to do just this and he know that the ingredients are listed in order of greatest to least used. He also looks at sugar, salt, and fat percentages. Then we buy the crackers with 5% sodium instead of 12%. but he loves his chocolate. I tell him not every day and fruit first.


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