The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

My son’s school had a book fair set up in the library. Apparently he saw a book that caught his eye and asked his dad for some money to buy it. Imagine my surprise when he comes up to the cash register with a cookbook of healthy money saving recipes. I asked him if he was sure that this is the book he wanted. He said Yes. I am going to cook the items and make money this summer. He proceeded to show me that each recipe had a dollar amount attached to it. He then stated that he would cook the recipe and have us, his family, pay for our meals. (What a clever idea.) I explained that we were his test subjects and he can’t charge us but he could cook and charge our neighbors. We have an amazingly wonderful group of neighbors. I thought of our immediate neighbors who are retired seniors and my other friends who have small kids. I told him. I’m sure they would love to not have to cook and instead enjoy one of his home cooked meals. He liked that idea. His first recipe was for a Broccoli Orzo Salad. I thought it was quite nice. What surprised me even more was that he liked it. He is a kid that doesn’t like salads. It just proves that if a child has a hand in cooking it he will be more likely to eat it.

Broccoli Orzo Salad reformatted from the Eat Well, Save Big Cookbook

Hardware- knife, cutting board, slotted spoon, colander, 2 large bowls (one with ice and cold water), whisk, lemon juicer, measuring cups, can opener, microplane zester, serving bowl, salad tongs,

Software- 1/2 lb orzo pasta (it looks like big grains of rice), broccoli florets, 1 C jarred roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives, 15 oz can of low sodium cannellini beans, 1 C shredded parmesan cheese, 1/2 C fresh basil leaves, chopped into ribbons. (you can use kitchen scissors)

2 b finished later. please check back


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