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Cooking with an Eleven Year Old

September 5, 2010

This is my son’s section of my blog
My son received a Macy’s gift card for his eleventh birthday. Imagine my surprise when he walks in and decides he wants to buy a knife. He even brought some of his pasta sale profits to pay for the difference. He is now the proud owner of a Hinkel Knife. This post is for him to share his recipes and experiences with you and your kids. Who knows maybe your own child will be motivated to cook something tasty for you off his blog. Enjoy.

He started his own blog. Check it out. Maybe you could comment on some of his stuff.

Miso Soup

Hardware- 2 cup pyrex measuring cup, measuring teaspoon, tableware tablespoon, soup pot, ladle, cutting board, knife,

Software- Miso paste, Hon Dashi, firm tofu, Slices Napa cabbage/fresh spinach/Bok Choy (optional), green onion (optional)

The steps to miso soup. You need half a teaspoon of Dashi. You can find this product at the asian market. Then you need to put five cups of water into a soup pot. Wait for it to boil. While you wait for it to boil put two tbs of miso into a mug.  Slowly pour in one  cup of hot water into the miso. The miso is very salty to me, I don’t know about you though. When the water in the pot is boiling add in the miso and if you feel like it put some cabbage/spinach in it. I have also made this in a crock pot. Just combine everything and set it to high for 4 hrs.