What to do with all the Thanksgiving leftovers?

So I have to confess that I didn’t find the phyllo cups and ended up serving the brie that I bought for it as part of a fruit and cheese platter. My son did make the carrot and corn casserole, but wanted to play rather than flip latkas. Oh well, my friend substituted for him. And my soup was tasty but got just a simple garnish of toasted pumpkin seeds. Such grand plans but such little time. Regardless, the meal was enjoyed by all. But now here is the true question. What to do with all the leftovers? I gave some away but I have some of everything left. Here is the menu I am using. Depending on what you have left, feel free to modify.

My family eats a lot of turkey anyway so they loved the turkey sandwiches the next day with the leftover soup.

Turkey Barley Soup– After the meal, I made turkey stock out of the bones and pick out the meat and strained the veggies out. And right now I have the stock and new veggies and barley cooking away in the crock pot. The secret to any good stock is to cook it on low and for a long time. The secret to getting rid of the gamey taste is a bay leaf and lots of celery, a few garlic cloves, and onions in the pot with the bones. Those veggies will have given their all so you will have to throw them away with the bones so you don’t need to bother chopping the veggies up. just cut them into large chunks.

Simple Turkey Pot Pie–¬†Get puff pastry from the freezer section of the market next to the ice cream. one can of cream of chicken soup condensed, mix it in a bowl with your cubes of turkey, chunks of onion, carrots, celery, and pototoes. Pour it into a pie pan and top it with a piece of puff pastry. Make an egg wash, brush the egg wash over the top of the puff pastry, cut slits on the dough to create vents for steam to escape.

Chili Shepherd’s pie -I have some chili frozen in a pie pan. I will take the leftover mash potatoes and spoon it over the top like meringue on a cream pie. The bake in a 400 F oven just to get some color on the pototoes

Mac and Cheese– On the cheese platter I served a fontina cheese. It is a semi soft cheese from Italy. It melts wonderfully. So I used the leftovers in Mac and Cheese.

Turkey Vegetable Soup w/ Stuffing Dumplings from the foodnetwork.com recipe collection. Recipe is courtesy of Wes Martin

I have some stuffing and green beans left. And I had frozen half of the turkey stock and pieces of turkey so I’ll make this and let you know how it is. The turkey barley was delicious. The kids loved it too and took it to school in their themos.

I hope you have found a recipe that you can use to revamp your leftovers. As I think of more ideas I will post them here for you.


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