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Moms Next Christmas Boutique Fundraiser

November 30, 2012

Moms Next Christmas Boutique Fundraiser

Granola By The Handful Premiere Launch!


Launch of Chef Sonia’s Granola By The Handful

November 30, 2012

Did you ever have something you gave to family and friends as a gift that was loved unanimously by all? You loved giving it and they loved receiving it. My homemade granola was one such item. It is chock full of healthy features leaving no room for artificial anything nor preservatives. I have been making and giving it for a few years. Surprisingly, the granola began to have a fan club. Fans wanted to share the tasty addicting crunchy treat with others. Pretty soon a demand was growing. God brought smart people and wonderful opportunities… And in November Chef Sonia’s Granola By The Handful was blind taste tested on a focus group at Momsnext and available for purchase. The ladies were given a plate of plain greek yogurt with fresh bananas. We tested it with 2 other healthy brands bought in the store. The bowls of granola were labeled 1,2, and 3. Granola by the Handful was voted as #1. Yeah.

We have also tested it against brands that were in Gelson’s, Whole Foods, and Costco. We still beat all of them in blind taste tests. We have the Original Blend that has

The Jalapeno Granola is a strange combo, but believe it or not, it actually works really well together. At first it tastes like a churro with its cinnamon and sweetness then you get a kick from the heat of the jalapenos. Yes, we put real jalapenos in the mix.

Here is a delicious crunchy food that you can feel great about eating. It has protein, fiber, antioxidants, omega-3, the 7 amino acids your body needs to build healthy cells. It is a great snack to keep in your car, purse, desk drawer to combat the munchies. Put it on your banana bread before you put in the oven and you have a tasty crumble topping. Sprinkle it all over the top of a fresh apple pie instead of the top crust dough and you have a french apple pie. Plop a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on each slice when serving. In both these recipes, I reduce the amount of sugar since the granola has sweetness to it.

To order some of this fabulous granola, email me and we will make it happen. You have got to try it. One handful and you will see why so many people are hooked.