Kiddie Cup Drawer Clutter

As moms we all have those lidded kiddie cups that come with a drink at restaurants. They are handy for accident prone kids, and some adults (like me). The cups are small enough for little hands and fit nicely in cup holders. The problem is when you get home, they fill up your drawer/cupboard and since the cups sizes vary from maker to maker, the lids are all different sizes too. I have found that by poking a chopstick thru the straw hole, you can keep them somewhat stacked and prevent them from floating around in your drawers. The cups usually stack ok. But finding the right lid in a hurry was a problem. Hopefully this will help you too. 

What I like to reuse the cups for….

That cup of water by the bed, freezing extra smoothies in and taking them with me on an errand. Put it in the cup holder and by the time, i come back to the car, it is defrosted nicely. Makes for a nice pick me up for me or the kids after school. I used them at a girlscout meeting so that the lids were insurance that we wouldn’t have a spill in the auditorium. If you bring different designed ones then the girls can remember what cup is theirs by the design. (or use masking tape and sharpie)


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