Junior Chefs at My Sweet Cupcake

Today we had a fun opportunity to teach a cooking class to junior chefs at the bakery. These kids were a pleasure to have in the shop. They were so attentive and polite. What a joy to have them learn and eat all the yummies on the agenda. We started with some healthy dips. Humus and my Simple Guacamole Recipes. I know the Simple Guacamole recipe has appeared a few times here on the blog. So I’ll just post the humus for you. Next we made a healthy crispy Churro. These are not deep fried pastry sticks. They are tortilla brushed with Olive Oil and sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar. Then we made a batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Decorated Cupcakes, and a final sweet treat of a Banana Split Parfait with homemade whip cream. All this in 3 hrs. Whew!

Simple Humus


One 15oz can of organic garbanzo beans cz they are lower in sodium, one fresh lemon, garlic salt, extra virgin olive oil, tahini (optional)


mini food processor, minispatula/spoon, colander, bowl


To be continued later….


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